Draw Climbing – Draw Legs & Run .APK 2 (MOD, Unlimited money)


Draw Climbing – Draw Legs Run .APK MOD Unlimited money

Draw Climbing – Draw Legs & Run Download .APK MOD for Android

Download latest versions of Draw Climbing – Draw Legs & Run .APK Mod file on Android
Playstore id = com.tgts.drawclimbing

Draw Climbing – Draw Legs & Run Information

Developed by Tencent Games, Inc
Size 92MB
uploaded by https://androidby.com/
Required APP
Totall Download 10,000+

What Is New

android modded
cracked on dextop
Pro Features



Draw Climbing – Draw Legs & Run .APK (MOD, Unlimited money) Draw anywhere on the screen, any size you want to create legs and run. Draw specific legs for each obstacle you find in the obstacle course. Draw unique shapes for each challenge you face in the race. Each set of legs you draw should be able to handle the obstacles.

If your legs don’t run the obstacle course fast enough then your opponent will likely win the race and you will need to start all over again. So, be sure to draw the right set of legs for your runner to be the best climber in the obstacle course. If your climbing skills are weak, then you will fall down over and over again. All it takes is drawing a nice set of legs to make your character climb the best in the obstacle course.

This is a fun running style arcade game that the whole family can enjoy. Watch your friends and family draw funny sets of legs and see if they actually handle the obstacle course well, or do the legs not allow them to climb very good? It’s extremely fun to watch!

There are an unlimited amount of levels, and challenged to draw legs for. Watch your runner tackle level after level as you get better and better at drawing legs to run and climb with.

Draw the funniest, coolest, fastest, longest legs to run the race and get to the finish line before you opponent. It’s fun to draw legs & race. Play for free & come and see why this is one of the funnest racing games!

Be the best climber by drawing the legs that fit the environment the best. The block needs to be a good climber and the only way to be a good climber is by evolving those legs into climbing tools. It’s super fun to draw climber legs in any style you want. Make super complex climber legs or super simple climber legs. Whatever your mind can imagine, you can draw & the better the idea the better your character will climb.

The drawing mechanics allow you to be unrestricted & draw wherever you want on the screen to make good climber legs. Draw anywhere you want, without having to worry about messing up your characters climber legs. If you draw bad climber legs, just draw quickly to fix your mistake and make the perfect set of climber legs for the obstacles that lay in your way. You will need to watch the other side of the road, because there is another character that is racing you to the finish line, and they will also try to draw the best climber legs. If you’re having trouble drawing climber legs then you may want to copy what your opponent is doing when they draw their climber legs. Unless of course they’re not doing too good on their race track, and you cannot even see them because your set of climber legs are much better than theirs. If you’re winning the race with your climber legs then you’re doing the best drawing job you can do. Once you cross the finish line with the legs you drew you will know you had the best set of climber legs for each obstacles because you are the Draw Climbing champion. Once you do win you will have to move onto another level where you will need to continue drawing a good set of climber legs to beat each and every person you face off in the race against. The farther you go the better your opponent will get at drawing legs.

You’re unrestricted on how big or how small you can draw your legs. If you think you can finish the race with huge, long legs, then you can draw big legs. But the legs you draw, big or small, will not always be best for each situation. Be sure to look at your environment and try to draw the best set of climber legs you can or you might end up losing the race and having to start all over again. Either way it’s a super fun game that you will have a blast playing. So what are you waiting for? Play for free and draw some really cool, epic climber legs today!

• – Draw legs & run!
• – Drawing mechanics that allow you to draw anywhere on the screen
• – Slow motion mode for when you’re drawing your legs to run with
• – Fun unique style racing game
Bug fixes

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