Ant Family – Ant colony simulator 1.1 APK (Premium Cracked)


Ant Family – Ant colony simulator 1.1 APK Premium Cracked

Ant Family – Ant colony simulator Download .APK MOD for Android

Download latest versions of Ant Family – Ant colony simulator .APK Mod file on Android
Playstore id = nl.glowong.antfamily

Ant Family – Ant colony simulator Information

Version 1.1
Developed by Tencent Games, Inc
Size 92MB
uploaded by
Updated 2020-12-30
Required APP Android 5.0+
Totall Download 10,000+

What Is New

android modded
cracked on dextop
Pro Features



Ant Family – Ant colony simulator 1.1 APK (Premium Cracked) Ant family is an ant colony simulator in which you begin with a queen and a few workers.

You can take control over any ant you want using the thumbstick, and give instructions to other ants. The game comes with a nest area where the queen and workers nurse the brood. And an outworld where ants will forage for food, gather resources and humidity for the nest, explore, fight predators like spiders and bees, and take over and defend an aphid farm from lady bugs to keep a steady supply of honeydew for your colony.

Currently there are 6 different ants in the game
Worker ant – Take care of the brood in the nest or forage for food in the outworld.
Resource gatherer – Gather resources in the outworld
Scout – Explore the outworld and open new areas for the colony to forage
Humidity worker – An ant dedicated to keep healthy humidity levels in the nest.
Medior – A bigger worker ant with more carry capacity and strength
Major – A soldier type ant that can be set to patrol a certain area (like around the nest or the aphid farm!)
Super major – A bigger soldier that can kill a lady bug in 2 bites! Perfect for guarding the aphid farm.
Honeypot ant – This ant hauls honeydew from the aphid farm to the nest.

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Soon to come:
Ants will finish gathering the same resource until it is depleted.
Gather food from dead enemies using thumbstick or order ants to gather food from dead enemies.
Soldiers remember patrol area after reloading game.
Added ability to claim small rewards by watching an ad

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